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Simple DIY Fall Decor

Having our Toddler, makes our tradition of going to the pumpkin patch so much more exciting! She loves to spot pumpkins on our walks, reading books about pumpkins - especially her Peppa Halloween book, and I have included Fall themed activities on her Montessori shelf, here is last years Fall themed activities, so going to a place where they have lots of pumpkins is so much fun. She can walk and run and explore the fall items and we each choose our own pumpkins (which, lets face it makes you feel like a kid again!) and this time, our daughter to pick the mums for our front porch as well! Afterwards, we go and get ice cream and coffees/hot chocolate for Mama & Dada.

There is something special about taking a moment with your child and spouse to just stop, take a moment from all the busyness of life (yes I use that word and often add "ness" to words) and explore the pumpkin patch.

The air may be cooler, but you know its a new season, and the opportunity to change up a few things in your space and home, makes coming home and being together that much more special when life can be so busy.

Fall is one of our favourite times of year - my husband usually decorates the outside, and I do the inside. I usually keep a list packed with our fall decor and/or check photos on my blog to see what I feel like adding and omitting. Your space is yours to define and of course, there are things to keep in mind to include/not include with a little one.

Time is of the essence, and you don't want to be spending too much time on it - or maybe you do, but once you have a few of your favourite items you can just re-use and re-vamp what you got. With so many decor options and items, here is how to keep your decor simple and use/re-use what you got!

The front porch - can be as simple or all out as you want it - use your spring planters filled with soil, and add some faux or real flowers with your pumpkins at the centre. We also use lanterns (way back from our wedding reception) filled with pumpkins and fall-inspired objects.

Deals and miscellaneous decor items - from your local decor shop, DOLLAR STORE (SO MANY OPTIONS), and your fall decor stash.

Foyer/living space - this is where you will spend most of your time, so add in some inspirational quotes or fall printables (many of which you can find online for free), add a frame, plus fill vases or trays with miscellaneous faux fall items and why not add some real ones too.

Hope that you are inspired to add some of these items to your space. Happy Fall!

To see how we put these items together and for many MORE FALL DECOR inspiration ideas, check out my previous posts links below:

What is your favourite fall decor item/find?

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