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Montessori Spring Activities for Toddlers

Spring is here! Start off the season for your toddler with these simple, fun and hands-on Spring activities. In addition, as I do in previous activity posts, will be including some activity/play suggestions for each activity!

Our toddler loves cards (flash cards, regular cards), play food items and her kitchen, water play, sorting and transferring objects, colouring and discovering colours, to name a few. These activities are great for little ones curious minds and allows them to expand on their sensorial, motor skills, communication, language and math skills.

Here is WHAT’S ON OUR SHELVES THIS WEEK: Montessori Spring Activities

One of our toddlers favourite activities on her shelf is the “Duck Bath Activity” – she will often pick this activity each time she does her activities. What we do is show her the tray and say each item on the tray.

“Duck”, “towel”, “brush/comb”, “bath tub”, “water”. Then we say, “Give the ducky a bath”. We then take her to the sink as she holds the mini tub/container and she helps to put some water from the sink into the container. She then walks back to the table, picks up the duck and we show her the duck in the water, out of the water, dry the duck, comb the ducks hair. You can introduce a few words and actions at a time as it can be overwhelming.

The whole point of this lesson is to encourage sensorial play and introduce some language/objects. After the introduction, she now goes through the actions on her own from picking up the tray, to the cup, to filling with water (of course with assistance) and she shows us how to give the ducky a bath and of course play with the water! SO much fun. Will be adding more water play indoors and of course outdoors, once the weather starts to warm up.

Spring Sensorial Basket & Gardening Tray:

I always have some sort of Sensorial Basket on the shelf. They are so simple to make, our Toddler loves exploring each item and transferring them to and from the shelf. I often use items from around the house and can find them in your child's toy bin, as well as your local Dollar Store. From gardening sets, to faux leaves and flowers, beans/seeds sensorial bottles, play veggies and books.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar book, toy and play food:

I have used these early on when our toddler was a few months old and am now re-using this to include the play food items. Read the book or name the food items in the story, or count the food items, etc.

Rainbow activities:

Any coloured items – stacking blocks, shakers, textured balls. Say the names of the colours, count and stack cubes and balls, toss the balls, etc.

Flowers – Matching Cards & Sensorial Bottles:

I had these faux florals from my spring décor and added them to clear bottles. Added some flashcards from this set (which have real items – great for Montessori based activities), and printed off these amazing floral and matching spring themed cards from 1+1+1equals1 here

Hope that you find some fun activity ideas to include on your shelves to help encourage your little ones to explore! Happy Spring!

Looking for more activity ideas for babies and toddlers? Check them out here!

What are your favourite Spring activities to do with your little ones?

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