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My name is Melissa. I am a new Mom, small-business owner, Certified Montessori Teacher, homeowner and Lifestyle Blogger who sets out to inspire others with tips on how to manage and organize their day to day lives through some of my experiences and favourite things. Together with my husband, we combine our creativity and some of our experiences which include; running our own small businesses, DIY projects and renovations, meal planning, recipes and organization in the home and beyond.


We all have responsibilities in life and are always looking for ways to make things simpler and more efficient. I share ideas and tips in hopes of inspiring and helping others to explore, discover and enjoy all that life has to offer. After all, Life is Yours to Define.

I hope that you find something here that sparks your interest. I look forward to sharing this journey together!

Yours to Define


*PR FRIENDLY* For inquiries: melissa_yourstodefine@hotmail.com

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