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Valentine's Day: Activities for Toddlers

Valentine's Day is such a fun time of year to be creative with activity items. These activities encourage skills from counting, to colours and shapes, fine and gross motor skills and much more.

As soon as we say "activities", our toddler excitedly nods, points to the basement and shares her enthusiasm with us as she sees her shelves and activities (and of course her Elmo)! :)

Leave these items out for a few days and allow your toddler to explore and play with what they are interested in. These activities are great for your little ones, hands-on and so simple to set up! (many of these items you may already have around the house or make a quick trip to your local Dollar Store!)

Check out our Valentines Day themed activities for toddlers:

Shaker bottles: these are one of Toddler V's favourites!

Building blocks: so simple yet so many possibilities to learn! Count, learn colours, explore textures, make towers, transfer blocks to and from tray/table, etc.

Themed discovery baskets and trays: ribbons, rings, textured items, heart shaped book, measuring & muffin cups/spoons, etc.

I like to add a tray next to these discovery baskets/trays, so our little one can transfer items to and from them.

Heart themed cards:

Other ideas include; singing songs ie. "Skinnamarink", "I Love You" by Barney, etc., reading stories, painting - our little one painted her very first handprints - CUE THE TEARS FOR MAMA!! :).

(Additional items on shelf - stacking rings & part of the Montessori Pink Tower).

Hope you are inspired to set aside some of these activities for your little loved ones to explore!

Happy Valentine's Day!

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