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Fall Montessori Activities for Baby

I have been looking through my stored fall items to put together activities for Baby V and for anyone else who wants to add some simple sensorial items for your little ones to explore.

We have put together a few simple items to add to her DIY Montessori shelf – that we shared here.

The fall season means so much more to us now as we get to see the curiosity and excitement of the new season through the eyes of our baby girl – visits to the local pumpkin patch, decorating the house and celebrating her first birthday this month along with my husbands birthday, our anniversary, (more reasons to enjoy lots of cake haha) makes this season so much more exciting.

Today on the blog, I will be sharing some simple fall activity ideas that are currently on our shelves PLUS I am sharing some more activity ideas that I will be adding and rotating during this month. Some items you may already have on hand, and some are just a short trip away to grab at your local dollar discount store.

*While playing with these items, please always ensure that your little one is supervised at all times.*

Fall Discovery Baskets:

Items like pine cones, wooden decor balls, faux leaves, pumpkins, flowers, a container filled with pumpkin seeds, foam or Sandpaper Letter(s).

Other items in containers: dried beans (kidney, navy, lentils,etc.), acorns, mini-pine cones, popcorn kernels.

Fall Colours Basket:

Items that are yellow, red and orange i.e., foam shapes, containers, lids, measuring spoons, cups, utensils.

Other items to rotate: foam letters, numbers, coloured blocks, teethers, teething rings, balls, play food items, ribbons.

Fall Discovery Bottles:

Fill a container with water and add in leaf shapes.

Fill a container with dried beans and add in mini-pumpkins (I used pumpkin erasers for this bottle)

Other items – faux leaves, twigs, cinnamon sticks, pom poms, mini foam stickers (leaves, pumpkins), fall themed erasers in beans, various dried beans.

Activity Rotation tips: Simply rotate items once a week or every few days along with other play items on the shelf to change it up and to encourage your little ones interests. Pinterest has tons of fantastic ideas!

Hope that you are inspired to use some of these ideas in your play space!

What are your favourite Fall activities to do with your little ones?

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