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My Top Ten Toys for Babies for under $20

As a teacher, new parents, and being on maternity leave, you have to do what you can to stick to a budget. When it comes to essentials like food, diapers, etc., they are must haves of course. When it comes to toys, they can be pricey and take up a lot of space. Don’t get me wrong, we have a variety of toys for our little one and have been trying to pace ourselves when it comes to purchasing items – lets face it, us parents and family members enjoy playing with the toys too!

Today on the blog, I am sharing a list of items for babies that are not only affordable, but encourage hands-on learning, are multi-purpose, great for teething and can be added to a Montessori shelf in your home just like this one from my last post!

These items are BABY V APPROVED and she has enjoyed playing with them since about 3 months old and continues to now at 10 months old. Thought I would share a few of our favourites with fellow parents out there.

*Please keep in mind that supervision is required*

You can find these items at Walmart and on Amazon.

Here are my TOP 10 Toys UNDER $20 + activity ideas:

1. Oball – (the one we have has a rattle in the middle) this is great on it’s own to grasp and encourage crawling) you can also add washcloths intertwined for little ones to take apart – great for motor skills.

2. Manhattan Ball toy Sensory Teether (By Winkel) - great for infant exploration when baby starts to grasp items - lightweight and can do same as above.

5. Infantino Textured Multi Balls - great for teething, encouraging reaching and crawling + adding to discovery baskets.

7. Bright Starts Grab & Stack Blocks (soft) - when baby is older, add to basket with other blocks.

8. Infantino Foot Rattles - can used these when baby is infant and then add to a basket with other rattles when baby is older.

9. Nuby Play Links Teether - you can use these as links or attach onto other items.

10. DK Touch & Feel Books - Baby V loves these - great for sensorial and so many to choose from!

What are your little ones' favourite toys? Would love to hear your feedback and any recommendations - feel free to leave a comment below :)

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