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DIY Office Decor & Shelves

Today, we are sharing a few simple décor ideas and snap shots for my side of the office!

So, it has been a few months since my last takes over and all for great reasons - we have been busy with work and wrapping up some reno's in our home before the arrival of our baby girl in the Fall! We have a few exciting DIY tips and projects throughout our home to share with you over the next few weeks, so stay tuned!

Before my 7 month hiatus from the posting blogs, we shared our DIY BOOKSHELF MAKEOVER - find the post here.

This is a great space to have to organize day to day household to-do lists, lesson planning and just a comforting workspace especially with the pops of colour and a few of my favourite décor and personal pieces!

We shopped our home and added some décor to the shelf - a few stacked books and faux floral petals in a vase:

I created a DIY tray by simply filling a picture frame with some décor paper for office items and some greenery:

Added some personal pictures as well of course.

IKEA of course has some great storage options for miscellaneous items in your home to reduce the clutter:

One of my favourite features of my office space is this shelf above the desk my husband made - just using some pine wood that we have leftover from other projects, a hand saw and some paint!

We spray painted some brackets and the wooden letter gold which goes so well with the golden deer - and of course I added some florals from our vase!

Some other features that are great for organization are these boards from IKEA as well as mini boxes for pens, pencils, etc.

I absolutely love my office space! By adding a simple shelf or two, some décor and a few of your favourite things, you can have an organized and inspirational office space as well!

Be sure to check out how we organized and built custom shelves and a desk for my husbands office space - you can find the link here.

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