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How-to install Flooring: Top five tips

Our DIY wheels are in motion again and we are continuing to work on some exciting reno projects in our home! If you have not had a chance to see how we built our DIY Industrial Shelves and Modern Rustic Desk be sure to check out those posts links!

Today, we are sharing some helpful tips to keep in mind when installing flooring in your space.

1. Ensure that the surface area of the floor is clean, dry, flat and screwed down.

2. Flooring Instructions:

When purchasing flooring, be sure to follow the instructions for installation of that specific type of flooring. It could be glued down, nailed down or floating. Our floor is engineered and we glued it down.

3. Flooring layout:

When laying out the flooring, do a few rows at a time. Your mind tends to want to make a pattern out of everything. In regards to WOOD FLOORING, lay out a few rows (prior to installation) to make sure you aren’t making a defined pattern but one that is more random and unique. It provides a more professional looking finish.

4. Clean-up:

Once your floor is completed, do a thorough job cleaning any excess glue (if that is what you are using), any nails that may be sticking out (if you are nailing down the floor). If there are any dropped edges, repair at this point so you can remember where they are vs. leaving it for later. Remove spacers around the perimeter.

5. Protect the floor immediately until all of the work is completed ie. Trim, paint, etc.

Check out the video of us installing the floor, you can watch that here on the Yours to Define Facebook page!

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