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Spring Decor Table

We purchased this fantastic rustic table back in the Winter and decorated it with our HOLIDAY DECOR. What is so great about having a neutral furniture piece like this one, is that you can change up the decor on it seasonally. We really like a mix of modern and rustic flare – lately more so rustic style pieces and so this fits in great with other design and decor elements in our home.

Spring is just a few weeks away but we could not wait to decorate for the season (been planning and searching for items and ideas since end of January). Today, I’m sharing a few simple ways to add some spring decor to your home whether it is for a shelf or a table like this one. I will also be sharing a few fantastic pieces we came across and added to the table as well!

As you may have seen from previous posts, we have been adding some simple DIY pieces using inexpensive materials (some of which we already had on hand) like making over plastic Easter eggs into these RUSTIC & CHIC EGGS and these simple DIY SPRING VASES.

A bit of crafting, a free printable and a few great decor finds – we put together our SPRING TABLE DECOR.

I love free printables and am so grateful to the wonderful bloggers out there who take the time to make and share these amazing free prints with us. I use them often around the house from chalkboard prints, to colourful pictures, favourite quotes and modern prints as well. This bloom print from It's Always Autumn is so pretty and definitely represents Spring. We placed it in a white frame from the Dollar Store.

For our Spring table, we wanted to add a few pops of colour. We went with blue’s, green’s, yellow, a bit of pink and some brown’s.


We found this chrome tray for $3 at the Dollar Store and filled it with some pinecones (a pack of 5 or 6 at the Dollar Store as well for under $3) and some deco balls (6 pack) from IKEA for $6. We used some of these as well for our office decor.

PINECONES (how-to):

Revamp your winter pine cones or plain one's and update them for the season.

Took some acrylic paint and added it to random edges of the pine cones.

Also, used a foam brush and added more colour to the other pine cones.

Mixed it in with the other deco balls. Adds a pop of colour to the tray.


We added a “bird themed” side to the table as well.

Being a preschool teacher, I had a few of these nests that we’ve used for activities on hand. They had some glittery birds and eggs which I took out and just used the base of the nest for this adorable bird from BOUCLAIR. I also used this nest for our RUSTIC & CHIC EGGS craft.

The Birdhouse – simple wooden house from the Dollar Store, painted it yellow. As for the vase, we have tons of these. Filled them with some mini robin eggs from the Dollar Store an added a lace ribbon to the vase.


When my husband and I were searching for a few items for another decor project we are working on, we came across this adorable moss bunny at HOME SENSE. This was $12.99. They have SO many unique spring decor items at great price points. Definitely go and check them out!


Chalkboard prints and chalkboard signs are popular decor items. We purchased this one from the Dollar Store as well. I already have some chalk on hand as well and we thought since we are decorating for spring before it arrives, why not add a countdown? Really cute and inexpensive and a great way to countdown to spring – and yes it will arrive eventually!


I was actually planning on purchasing a lantern and painting it. But, when we came across this lantern from IKEA for $10 in this gorgeous colour, had to get it. Definitely check them out as well - so many great and affordable decor options. We added some rocks and greenery from the dollar store (left over from our other spring crafts). Such a great piece and pop of colour for the table.

Our table is from BOUCLAIR – we are really happy we purchased this when we did. It’s a great neutral yet standout piece that we can change up seasonally.

Even if you have a side table, or a few shelves, you too can add a few pieces and decor to bring the spring season into your home.

Tomorrow on the blog, I will be sharing our Spring coffee table tray and a few simple and inexpensive ways to spruce it up for the season – stay tuned!

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