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Simple DIY Spring Vases

Spring is just around the corner and it is a great time to add some fresh and colourful decor to your home.

Flowers can be pricey and we enjoy having them outdoors when the weather gets warmer as well as some greenery indoors. For these vases, I have used faux flowers which don’t require any watering and nowadays you can find so many great faux options!

A simple way to add some Spring fever to your home is by filling vases with some inexpensive items. We did this for our HOLIDAY DECOR as well. We have plenty of vases that we have collected and re-use but you can also find a variety of inexpensive vases at your local Dollar Store as well. Use what you have and each year and season you can add to it.

Here are some simple and inexpensive Spring vases we created and added some decor to make it stand out a bit more!

Twine Vase with tulips:

We got the tulips from IKEA as well as the vase.

All you need to do is get some twine from the dollar store ($1.25) and glue gun the twine around the vase. We also used this twine for our DIY RUSTIC AND CHIC EGGS craft.

Add your tulips and there you go! We added this to our “beach style” bathroom. A great way to add some spring decor to your restroom!

Tall vase with greenery:

We have a few of these vases from events we have gone too. They come in handy for placing in corners to add some height and you can fill them with just about anything. All you need is a tall vase, some greenery and rocks (we got both of these items from the Dollar Store as well).

Fill up the base of the vase with rocks and then add in your greenery. This takes seconds, no need for perfection, make it look natural and add some nature-like décor to your home!

Tall vases with faux flowers:

Such a simple way to add some colour – just fill vases with some faux flowers and/or branches. We use these vases year round and change the florals according to the season.

Spring florals and greenery vase:

For this vase all you need to buy are some dry peas, we purchased them from Walmart a large bag and a small bag was just enough to fill this vase. Place a toilet paper roll in the middle to help ground your stems.

Pour your dry peas into the vase about half way. Then place your flowers inside and continue to fill to your preference.

You can also add some burlap and/or a ribbon around the vase as well.

Mason jars:

We have many of these mason jars on hand from when we make our HOMEMADE TOMATO SAUCE. All you need to do is paint a vase with some acrylic paint (if you are doing more than one coat allow it to dry overnight or the paint will peel off) or chalk paint. Lightly sand some edges of the jar and place some faux flowers in and there you go.

This one has been added to our coffee table tray which I will be sharing later this week!

If you come across a mason jar that is tinted – this one was given to me by a friend (and I love the colour) you can just fill it with some rocks and add your florals for a pop of colour to your home.

Bring these items out and re-use the vases and items each year and/or change them up seasonally. These are such simple and inexpensive ways to add some colour and spring decor to your home.

Tomorrow on the blog, I will be sharing our Spring Landscape table decor (which had our DIY HOLIDAY/WINTER DECOR) - see you back here then!

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