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Easter eggs: Rustic + Chic Makeover

Being a preschool teacher, I have quite a collection of these plastic Easter eggs! They are great for activities for the little one’s but as far as a unique décor piece – these eggs could use a makeover.

When I came across this idea on Pinterest from Design Dining + Diapers I had to make them!

I already had some twine on hand and glue gun as well as a wide assortment of plastic eggs, so this did not cost us anything extra – except for some time well spent and well worth the effort.



Glue gun + sticks

Plastic Easter eggs

Small lace fabric

Some patience


Begin by squeezing glue in a row around the egg one strand at a time and wrapping the twine around the eggs. I started at the middle and did half and then continued with the other half. Found it was easier to control – and let’s be honest if it didn’t end up looking great I could cover it up with some fabric).

It did take some time and some patience, but now these decorated eggs can be used again and again. *Glue gets extremely hot – so be careful!*

Add a strand of lace (this was from dollar store as well in their crafts aisle) around the centre to complete the eggs.

Place the eggs in a bird’s nest. I actually have quite a few of these nests on hand from my classroom as well – they had sparkly and glittery (yes, the glitter was everywhere but totally worth removing for this look) birds and eggs already glued on. I took them off and used the nest for these twine eggs.

I found this cute printable from Landeelu and placed it in a wooden frame from the Dollar Store as well.

So cute and adds a natural nature-like vibe to the décor!

Tomorrow on the blog – some simple DIY Spring Vases – stay tuned!

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