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Simple DIY Holiday Planters

Today on the blog we are sharing our DIY Holiday Planters!

My parents make their own gorgeous planters each year – my Dad is a fantastic gardener and does amazing landscaping year round at their place (and has helped with our gardening as well) and makes his own holiday planters – and so these planters are inspired by their holiday decor!

As we planned our DIY holiday decor projects a few weeks ago including our posts on DIY VASES/CENTRPIECES, made our GARLAND BEAD WREATH and came across fantastic finds like our DIY RUSTIC TABLE + ACCESSORIES, we made a list of a few new items we wanted to incorporate, kept our eyes on sales and visited our local Dollar Discount Store for simple yet festive and inexpensive decor add-ins.

Here is what you will need – Materials:

One or two planters (ours were on sale from Lowe’s)

Greenery pieces – we got ours on sale, with pine cones already attached, for half price at Michael’s (ours are faux but you can find real greenery at any local craft and hardware stores if you prefer)

Soil: we had some on hand in our shed from the Summer – it helps to ground the planters and secure items

Birch wood sticks (from any local gardening/hardware store)


Large pine cones (we found large silver ones at Dollar Store)

Wood-like thin twigs/sticks that were already red (Dollar Store)

Optional items:

Christmas ornaments

Large plastic candy canes


Fill your planters with soil. Start adding in the birch sticks in centre. Then add any other twigs/tall decor items to fill in. We like these red one’s as it adds a nice pop of colour.

Add your greenery in. We used faux greenery and put stems into soil, then bent the branch to fill around. We used three medium greenery stems for each planter.

We then added in some large silver pine cones from the dollar store to add some more colour.

My husband put this together in just a few minutes. A great and inexpensive DIY project to add some rustic flare, a pop of colour and some charm to your front porch! With the lights at night and our light up frosty the snowman – the holidays are definitely in the air!

Hopefully we have inspired you to add some festive and/or DIY touches to your home - Let us know if you make your own planters or outdoor Christmas decor!

STAY TUNED: on the blog next week, we will be sharing our DIY tray with rustic winter landscape decor.

What are your favourite outdoor holiday decor items?

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