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Elf on the Shelf Ideas: Favourites from our Home Daycare

For the past few years, our friend Elfie comes to visit our Home Daycare for two weeks in December! Each visit, Elfie brings some gingerbread cookies for the preschoolers to decorate before heading back to the North Pole.

The day before or of Elfie’s visit, the elf sends a movie to our Daycare for the kids to watch called: The Elf on the Shelf presents: An Elf’s Story DVD – which explains why Elfie and friends visit many homes all over the world and how they fly to and from different places in the home and report back to Santa. Each year, all of the kids especially take notice to the part in the movie where one of the children did not keep hands off the elf and the elf lost all of his magic and couldn’t fly anymore.

Our elf comes along with note cards and instructions on the day’s activities. One year I wrote notes on construction paper and added some stickers. I don’t remember where I got these cards but there are many free blank printable note cards online including these cute cards from Crystal and Co.

Today, I will be sharing a few of our Elf on the Shelf ideads. On the first day, Elfie arrives in the morning on our bookshelf with some note cards to start off our Montessori Activity time with some Sandpaper Letters, cut and paste activities and arts and crafts!

When it is time for a nap, Elfie gets cozy with a snow blanket and chooses a story book for me to read to the kids and Elfie:

Each year, our preschoolers help me decorate the daycare and their very own mini Christmas tree! Elfie likes to put a decoration on our family room tree as well!

Sometimes Elfie tries to get into the presents - silly elf!

One year, Elfie dressed up in Santa's clothes and even soaked up some sun - apparently they dont get this kind of sunny weather at the North Pole and the elf must be exhausted from all the work during each visit!

Our preschoolers look forward to and really enjoy Elfie’s yearly visits and are excited before coming to school and throughout the day to find out what Elfie is up to and where the elf flew to next in our home!

Before our elf leaves, Elfie and the kids decorate gingerbread cookies:

Elfie writes a goodbye letter to send home to all of the children and takes a “report” letter including a copy of the kids “Good Choices Charts” back to the North Pole for Santa!

Elfie is a busy elf during each visit (I get exhausted just watching all of the fun things the elf does!) but it is totally worth it to see the kid’s smiles and excitement as well as offers some laughs and guidance/encouragement for good choices of course which is a great help to their teacher and parents! Thanks Elfie!

What are your favourite Elf on the Shelf ideas?

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