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DIY garland bead wreath & rustic table holiday Decor

We have a nice large mirror in our front foyer and as a huge fan of Pinterest I have often come across and adore the wreath on the mirror look. Instead of buying a wreath for the mirror we decided to make our own. We also have been in search of a rustic table for the front to put our keys, some seasonal decor and baskets for extra items. We are very into adding some rustic and vintage touches to the household decor and so this table was the perfect statement piece.

For our Holiday Decor colour scheme we have blues, greys/silver and white as well as some touches here and there of the traditional green and red. For the wreath we wanted to keep it neutral and also add in a bit of sparkle of course.

Here is how we made our DIY Garland Bead Wreath inspired by Holy Craft


Foam wreath or foam board

Garland Beads x 4 - got these from the dollar store in silver

Paint – to paint the foam

Glue gun and sticks

Bow or ribbon to make a bow

Exacto knife


Pencil to mark and trace dimension points

Circular objects i.e. plates, bowls

Garbage bag for cutting foam for foam bits (if you are making your own foam wreath)


If you are making your own foam wreath using foam board:

1. We had some extra foam board on hand from reno’s, so we used that to make our own wreath. You can purchase foam board at your local hardware store. Trace the larger circle (size that you prefer) on the foam. The outside dimensions of our wreath measures 28 cm. Cut it out carefully on one side halfway and turn it around to finish the remaining cut.

2. For the inner circle, the outside dimensions are 17 cm. To centre the inner circle with the large circle you subtract the two and divide it by 2. i.e., 28 cm – 17 cm = 11 cm. 11 cm is the difference if you lined it up on one edge but, you want it to be in the centre, so you divide that number by 2: 11 divided by 2 = 5.5.

3. From the larger circle, mark 5.5 in from the outside towards the centre. Continue all the way around just enough for you to use your template and line it up over your markings.

Mark and cut halfway through using you template (smaller inner circular object) and repeat on the other side to finish the cut to ensure you have a straight cut and it is even on both sides of the wreath.

4. We made an extra foam wreath to have on hand for another project.

If you want more of a round shape, skim and shave around the edges to your desired shape.

If you have your foam wreath already purchased start here:

1. We painted our foam wreath grey (optional to paint it). Let that dry.

2. Begin by gluing and wrapping your garland beads onto your wreath (together with my hubby we wrapped and glued it). We purchased the silver Garland Beads chains at our local Dollar Store and used about 4 packs of them each garland at 5.5 metres.

3. Be careful with the glue gun it is HOT, there were definitely a lot of “ow’s” and a few other choice words used. But this was totally worth it and we love the look of the wreath. Glue the beads on the back as well of you want it to be more tightly fitted.

4. We added a ribbon from the dollar store and made a bow and we found this door hanger and added that to the wreath as well (optional).

Hang it on your mirror or display it elsewhere. Our wreath for our mirror was inexpensive to make, adds some sparkle to the mirror and to our front foyer!

Continuing with the foyer, when my husband was picking up a few decor items to add our collection he came across this awesome rustic table. We have been searching for an item like this for some time. We went back a few short days later to pick it up and are so happy we got this great feature furniture piece to add to the foyer that can be used year round.

The table is from Bouclair which was on clearance (score!) and is a great rustic feature in our home and we added in some blue, white and silver elements as well as some items we had from previous years. Some of the items on the table are from Bouclair as well (they have an amazing variety of holiday pieces and colour schemes at great price points). Wanted many more items (love it there) from their store and did grab a decor piece for our DIY Winter scene tray. Some of the items we already had on hand like a charger, throwing some pine cones into mini dipping bowls, wrapping some cinnamon sticks in twine, using our vases from our living room, etc. A great way to use what you have and add something new year to year as your collection and interests grow.

We added some baskets from IKEA and some pillows and blankets. They are great for storing the smaller winter outerwear items and extra throws we have. The chalkboard picture was printed from everyday home blog and we put it in a frame from the dollar store!

We are so happy that we added this fantastic furniture item & Christmas landscape decor (and can change and add seasonal decor items to the table year round) as well as added our very own DIY wreath to the mirror.

If you make the wreath or any other wreath and/or would like to share that and your winter landscape decor – feel free to share it on my “Yours to Define” Facebook page – would love to see them!

** Stay tuned for more of our DIY Holiday Decor - more to come next week! **

What are your favourite holiday decor items?

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