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Trick-or-Treat: Sharing our fun DIY Halloween Decor!

As mentioned in my previous post Halloween is one of our favourite times of year! We like to go all out for Halloween parties, often making our own costumes and with our decor here at home. Over the years, my parents have collected and made some amazing Halloween decorations and share them with us so that we can decorate our home! From the inside of the home – our front porch & entrance to our Home Daycare/classroom – today I am sharing our Halloween Decor (a bit of DIY + borrowed + collections from over the years).

Lets start with the front porch: The kids at the Daycare really love this and just before I go to the door to greet them, I love hearing their excitement and conversations regarding the decorations on the front porch! The trick-or-treaters and their guardians often compliment us as well! It is a mix of items from our local farm (pumpkins), Dollar Discount Store, some of my parents favourite decor items, a few of “use what you have” items from around the home and some DIY items.

We made our own DIY Fall Lanterns - find out how here

The ghost and skull light up with the push of a button and give off different colours they are really cool and the kids love them! The gargoyle talks as well – spooky! The skeleton at the top – his name is Skully!

Our Foyer/Front Entrance: My husband made the coffin shaped box/candy holder from scratch, a fantastic DIY project for a previous Halloween Party our family had! The table is made out of some cardboard boxes with a blanket over top. The skull heads and the pumpkins – we plug in and they light up for Halloween eve.

Each year, we give out special Loot Bags for the trick-or-treaters courtesy of the Daycare! Special Halloween themed items and our contact card as well :)

In the Daycare/Classroom: I hang streamers, put up some decor items on the walls and throughout the classroom to go along with our Halloween Activities and Annual Halloween Party!

Click here to see our favourite simple and fun Halloween Activities from our classroom shelves!

Hope you enjoyed our favourite DIY Halloween Decor! Happy Halloween!

What are your favourite Halloween Decor items/traditions?

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