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DIY Healthy Trail Mix

As mentioned in my previous post Top 5 Snacks, meal and snack prep is a great bonus to help with your busy week ahead! We take some time either on Saturday or Sunday to make and portion/pack what we can ahead in containers, baggies, etc., so it makes it easier to “grab and go” and adds a bonus - healthy snack options.

One of our favourites make ahead healthy snacks is our “DIY Trail Mix”. My husband takes this to work daily and has it on his way home during that time slot when you need that boost at the end of the day. I usually have this for an afternoon snack as well either on its own or with some fruit for a boost of protein.

We make our Trail Mix using “Joe’s Tasty Travels” natural almonds and nuts purchased from Walmart. These are great because they are natural and there aren’t any added oils and ingredients added to it.

In our nuts mix we add: sunflower seeds, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), almonds and cranberries. This line also carries natural peanuts and a few other varieties of add ins. We often add in some dark chocolate chips or a square of dark chocolate for a great sweet treat!

Once the bags are opened, we keep them in a fridge and store the mix in a re-sealable container in the fridge.

On the weekend, grab a handful of the nuts mix to put into mini containers and store them stacked in the fridge, grab it in the morning and take it to go! Have this on its own, or with some dark chocolate, fruit or even put some in your yogurt! The possibilities are endless – enjoy!

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