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Bringing the Classroom into the Home: How I started my Home Daycare

If you have read my first post “Welcome to Yours to Define” you will find out that one of my many passions is teaching! I am a Certified Montessori Teacher. The Montessori Curriculum consists of beautiful hands-on materials in different subjects that not only helps the students gain life skills but influences and fosters their growing curiosity as well. The teacher is a guide and allows for each child to grow individually and to learn at their own pace and based on their own interests. I could go on and on about Montessori, but I will expand on that and more in future posts! I have teaching experience working in classrooms as a Montessori Teacher from Preschool up to Grade 6. I have always preferred working with a smaller group of children and value that experience, ability to focus on each individual child and their needs. In addition, it being less overwhelming as a teacher (better student to teacher ratio), rather than having a much larger group of students. My husband and I decided that I would start my own home business, to provide education and more individual attention to a smaller group of children, work from home, continue to have an income, provide childcare and be able to continue and share my teaching experience and passion for working with children. I began my home daycare approximately three years ago. Together, we had done our research in order to follow regulations in my city for childcare business in the home and I had gathered the necessary paperwork as well to do so. Along with gathering and organizing the necessary paperwork, setting aside a budget and purchasing and collecting start up materials and then more materials “as you go” was very important in order to start and run the daycare as well.

My home daycare is for children ages 2 ½ to 6, and based on the standards/regulations within my city, occupies up to a maximum of five children or less. I offered a daily program from early morning to early evening, school-year round program as well as Summer Camp. The program fee was based on full or part time care as well as one meal (lunch) and two nutritious sugar-free snacks. Within the schedule of our day is a Montessori-based Curriculum, Montessori-based materials, lessons in Math, Language, Culture, Arts and Crafts, etc. The program also includes a weekly theme/activities, outdoor play, gym class and/or outdoor play, story time and free play. The program has helped to provide a great opportunity for preschoolers (whose smiles and enthusiasm to learn has led the way) and opportunities for myself, as well as resources for quality education, life skills and prep for Kindergarten for the little ones and their families!

If your passion is working with children, or you would like to homeschool your own little one(s), there are many amazing resources out there for homeschooling and home daycare related curriculum and set up ideas which can aid in having a program in your home. It is very important to do your research, follow the regulations specific to your area and by setting a budget and gathering resources to help organize and run the program.

Do you have or know of anyone who homeschools and/or has a home daycare? What are your tips for starting a program? Are you a parent and/or teacher in the Montessori Community?

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