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Welcome to Yours to Define!

I have always loved and valued learning about family recipes, stories and traditions and enjoyed participating in planning and organization in the home from my parents and grandparents and love to do so today. From what I can remember, my love for teaching began the day that I got my first chalkboard from my parents. I was three years old, curious, energetic and ready to let my imagination run free. As I began school, my love for learning continued to grow. With inspiration from my Kindergarten teachers, who had the biggest smiles, softest voices and told the best stories, I too wanted to be a Teacher. I would come home from school and set up all of my stuffed animals and my apologies to my brother (haha) have my nearly one year old brother plopped in the middle of the crowd with my students a.k.a. my stuffed animals and would tell stories, teach the ABC’s and 123’s. As I got older, my love for journal writing, and studying History continued as well. Although essay writing was not my favourite at the time, reading, researching, journal writing and working with children were among my interests and hobbies.

I continued to pursue my love for teaching and gained experience in schools, afterschool programs and camps. I enjoyed planning programs, activities, themed lessons and weekly schedules. I am a Certified Montessori Teacher, have taught in schools and a small business owner of my own home daycare for children ages 2 ½ to 6, am a homeowner, married to my wonderful husband and together, between our creativity, his tradesman skills, our sense of humour, support for one another’s thirst for learning and taking things day by day, I have the opportunity to learn how to manage businesses and home life while not taking life too seriously and trying to have some fun along the way!

My family, friends and parents of students at the daycare and in general who have followed along with my Daycare business and business page would often comment and/or ask questions about teaching ideas, recommendations for a certain activity or themed activities that I had done with my preschoolers. When I come across an organizational idea or recipe that I would like to try, I often share and make extra batches for them to test out, share helpful food prep and storage tips or a home project we are working on. Together, along with my obsession with Pinterest, my family excitedly suggested and I too excitedly accepted the idea of writing a blog, to share my passions, experiences and connect with others.

I will be blogging about topics which will include a segment called, “Teaching Tuesday’s” that will include my weekly and monthly theme ideas, Montessori-based curriculum lessons and activities, scheduling and lesson planning, tips for using Montessori in the classroom and at home for teachers and parents and much more! I am excited to have you come along through some of my daily adventures and experiences as I blog about co-managing a household, small businesses, teaching, our favourite things, resources and products, organizational tips and ideas, food prep, healthy recipes and snack ideas, DIY projects, favourite home and lifestyle ideas including the sites, blogs, products and resources that I love and would like to try and much more! I am very excited about taking some time to write and share the things that we love and what helps to inspire us and enjoy the opportunities that life has to offer.

Life is truly “Yours to Define” so let’s make the most out of it, together. I hope that you will find something here that will encourage and inspire you. I look forward to sharing this journey together with you!

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