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Simple and festive DIY Christmas Decor: Vases & Centrepiece

We love decorating for the Christmas season. We have collected items over the past few years and also add in some revamped items as well using what we have and some great finds that are on sale and also from the local Dollar Store. Over the next few days, I will be sharing our recent DIY holiday projects and decor finds! A simple way to add some festive decor to your home is filling some vases using some simple and inexpensive items - some of which you may have already in your holiday collection.

Today, I will be sharing a few of our vases that we threw together in no time using some inexpensive items from the local dollar store as well as some festive items we found on sale!

Our kitchen table centrepiece:

For our kitchen table centrepiece, we had got the vase from a wedding (was a centrepiece) which I use and add seasonal items too and had the pine cones in our decor box, the globe with the deer is an ornament from a previous year. The flameless deer candle is from the William Ashley Warehouse sale (I have another one that is in our centrepiece on our family room table and of course we picked up some other great decor items from their warehouse sale for other areas in the home) and we turn on the candle during dinners and the tree lights up as well (multi-coloured) from the dollar store! We found a big pack of these tall cinnamon sticks on sale for $3.00 (half price) at Michaels and my husband added some foam in the base of the vase and a ribbon to bunch the sticks together.

I added a grey ribbon to the vase along with a snowflake and acorn bell (came in multi-packs) from the dollar store as well. It took us just a few minutes to put this together and having it in a plate is great for cleaning – slide it aside to wipe the table. It’s a simple way to use what you have and inexpensive to add some festive decor to your table or counter!

We have a lot of vases that we have brought home from parties and weddings (we are pretty much centrepiece winning champions) which are great for seasonal decor. You can also find all kinds of inexpensive vases at the Dollar Store.

Use items like pine cones, Christmas balls, fake snow, bells, candles, etc (check out the seasonal and crafting aisles at the dollar store for all kinds of items) to fill the vase and you can add in some simple branches from the Dollar Store as an option as well.

We add these items to the bathrooms on the counters and shelves - so simple and quick to add a festive touch!

I absolutely love the look of a chalkboard sign – and we found this fun sign from the William Ashley Warehouse sale as well – added it to our kitchen where we place our drinks tray/station when we entertain.

It is great to add some festive touches especially when it is inexpensive - look for sales and take advantange of using items you already have and of course visit your local Dollar Discount Store as well!

**Stay tuned later this week for our DIY Garland Bead Wreath and one of our favourite finds this year - a rustic table for the front foyer with DIY festive landscape decor and fantastic finds!**

What are your favourite simple holiday decor items?

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