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Our Favourite Simple & Savvy DIY Fall Décor

The crisp cool air, the smell of apple pie baking, bringing out the light and cozy sweaters and boots, the changing colours of the leaves, turkey dinners, pumpkin spiced anything, sharing meals, cherished laughs and moments with family and friends – Fall is in the air! This is one of our favourite seasons (yes, anyone who knows me is very aware that Summer is my most favourite Season) but Fall is a great time to really enjoy the sounds, sights, smells and tastes of the Season. Growing up and to this day as well, my parents have always enjoyed adding in amazing décor elements both outdoors and indoors. My parents and husband really enjoy putting together some great DIY projects and adding in their own unique flare, style and expertise to projects and décor around the home. Now that my husband and I have had our home for a few years, we obviously get really excited around any holiday or changing of seasons – because well not only is change a good thing, it is exciting and brings on new opportunities. Having a home/space of your own allows you to really express your style and creativity. I have hopped onto the DIY train! Today, I will be sharing My Favourite Simple & Savvy DIY Fall Decor Ideas!

Now, you most likely do not want your place to look like a DIY museum – BUT, you can definitely add in some simple elements and projects. Pinterest is absolutely amazing!! There are SO MANY great Bloggers out there and inspirational pictures, projects and posts. Two of the bloggers that inspired me to do the Lanterns & Pumpkins ideas are: Home is Where the Boat is and Sweet C Designs

Another reason why we love this season is my husband and I got married in the Fall! :) We had a “Falling in Love” theme and so we had fall themed inspired elements as part of our decor for our Wedding.

One of main items that we had purchased for the wedding were small, medium and large sized Lanterns that had candles in them and were placed around the reception area. My mom had discovered these lovely lanterns at a few stores (this was about five years ago but we have come across lanterns at the local craft store) – the medium sized lanterns were from Home Sense and were $17.00/each.

The large lanterns were from Sears on sale for $30/each. What my husband and I did was purchased some mini and medium sized orange plastic pumpkins, some pinecones and faux leaves and branches from the local Dollar discount store (I also use some the leaves, pumpkins and pinecones as part of activities for the kids in my home daycare).

We purchased some white chalk spray paint and my husband sprayed some of the orange pumpkins outdoors, let them dry on newspaper overnight and we began to layer and fill in our lanterns. It is a quick project, but we definitely took some time to fill in the lanterns with some the items strategically placed and some naturally placed. We keep these as is when we store them so that it is easy to take out of our storage closet and is ready to go indoors and outdoors for the season!

My husband and I like to pick up a hot chocolate or a pumpkin spiced latte and go to our local pumpkin patch/farm in our area and pick out a few pumpkins for the season! It is one of the traditions that we enjoy doing together each year! You can definitely find the larger pumpkins at your local grocery store, but being small business owners ourselves, we like to support local small businesses whenever we can!

In our Living Room, we have our wedding pictures which were taken outdoors, and we have some Wall decor as well as a vase filled with some faux branches which was our centrepiece (you can also do this as well – local craft or discount store – purchase some faux branches and place into a vase) and we just filled the white vases with faux leaves/branches. We alternate using leaves/flowers/branches each season (which we keep in a box and already have on hand).

We also add a few mini pumpkins to the shelves along with another DIY project we have done (hah the pic was taken crooked oops!)

Fill a vase that you have with some flowers on your kitchen table – We have some real plants outdoors during Spring and Summer months and have some indoors as well. We add in some faux ones here and there and the great thing is that they are re-usable. If you prefer real flowers, absolutely use that instead.

My mom has a few white pumpkins and some great fall decor that she has collected over the years and we will often borrow them for our home. The white pumpkins are my favourite and add in a more modern element as opposed to just having the orange pumpkins. My husband and I had seen the faux white/cream pumpkins on sale in the Michaels flyer last week and so we made a trip to there last Friday and luckily there were some left AND they were ON SALE for 50% OFF each! We purchased three of them – the small we got for $6.49, the medium $11.49, the large was $18.49. We purchased some other home decor items that were on sale and got and additional 25% off our entire purchase! "Start the CAR!" hehe. :)

We just added these pumpkins indoors by some of the decor.

Outdoors – we add some real mini pumpkins and large ones from our local Pumpkin Patch, as well as the larger lanterns.

There are so many great DIY decor ideas out there! Decorating a home can add up, but the key is to collect items as you go whether it was an item that was on sale during or after the season, a sentimental family item that was passed down to you, or something that you re-purposed! We have found that using what you have and adding some simple touches to it, is a very important savvy tip when it comes to decor.

Happy Fall decorating!

What are some of your favourite DIY Decor ideas/finds?

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