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Hi! Welcome and thanks for visiting! My name is Melissa. I am a new Mom, Certified Teacher, wife, homeowner and lifestyle blogger. Here, you will find recipes, DIY projects, helpful tips and more to inspire you to enjoy life at home and beyond!


October 8, 2019

April 16, 2019

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July 12, 2016

Who doesn’t love pancakes? We make a batch of these Spelt Flour Pancakes on the weekend to enjoy during the week. Having a sensitivity to dairy products combined with my love for pancakes, crepes and waffles - recipes that often include dairy ingredients, these pancake...

June 23, 2016

Over the past few weeks, we have been testing out some new snack recipes and we will be sharing our favourites via the next few blog posts!

These Cinnamon Raisin Oatmeal Muffins are so simple to make with just FIVE INGREDIENTS and is perfect for making ahead as part of...

May 25, 2016

My husband and I love granola! When we were kids we used to beg our parents to buy those yogurt parfaits at the grocery store – the granola at the top, yogurt on the bottom. We bake every week and often use oats in recipes, so we always have them on hand. We have been...

February 27, 2016

These granola bars are packed with protein are chewy and delicious! You can add just about anything to them or substitute/omit certain ingredients to your liking.

We use Quaker Whole Grain Oats in a lot of our baking recipes and for our Oatmeal Packets. We also like to...

February 18, 2016

Oatmeal is a great breakfast option especially when you can make your own oatmeal bowl by adding healthy and fibre-rich options to it. Prepping oatmeal packets on the weekend for the week ahead makes for a quick and hearty breakfast to fuel your day ahead.

Eating oatmea...

February 2, 2016

As the weekend approaches, it is great to take a little time to slow down, make a homemade meal, sit at the kitchen table and put our feet up with a cup of coffee and savour these moments. Every other weekend or so, my husband will make these delicious crepes for Break...

January 28, 2016

When I came across this recipe, I had to try it! We love crackers with toppings like peanut butter, cheese wheels, avocado, hummus, etc. The combination of whole wheat flour and flax, pepitas and sunflower seeds baked all together in the oven make for crunchy, fibre an...

August 10, 2015


One of the things that helps for the week to go smoother for my husband and I is just by taking some time to do some food prep. It may seem at first like there is no energy, time or drive to prep and plan ahead on your weekends, it is your weekend, but trust us it is...

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