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Hi! Welcome and thanks for visiting! My name is Melissa. I am a new Mom, Certified Teacher, wife and homeowner. Here, you will find DIY projects, educational activity ideas, recipes and more to inspire you to enjoy life at home and beyond!


October 8, 2019

April 16, 2019

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October 21, 2015



Halloween is one of our favourite times of year! Growing up, we loved to go trick-or-treating and getting to pick a costume and often my mom would make us costumes. We had such great Halloween themed parties and still do. It is a great time for adults but also for ki...

October 1, 2015

Happy October! Autumn is one of my favourite seasons and Fall themed activities are a favourite at the Daycare as well! As we enter Apple picking season, it is a great time for kids and adults to take part in learning all about apples through fun activities. If you are...

September 23, 2015

I love planning and sharing the activities that we explore here at the Daycare. I will be sharing some of our favourite activities that we use in our classroom, but today I will be focusing on my favourite Practical Life activities. These are great beginner activities...

August 28, 2015

When planning your Curriculum for your homeschool, daycare or classroom it is great to have a list of some basic monthly themes. As you go throughout your school year, you can add on themes depending on the childrens interests and there are many great theme ideas onlin...

August 20, 2015

When planning the layout of the daycare, I wanted to include elements of a Montessori setting, a space for mat and floor work, accessible storage elements and a space for my belongings and storage for extra daycare items.



In a Montessori setting, the shelves and mater...

August 12, 2015



If you have read my first post “Welcome to Yours to Define” you will find out that one of my many passions is teaching! I am a Certified Montessori Teacher. The Montessori Curriculum consists of beautiful hands-on materials in different subjects that not only helps t...

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